Sky Changes

When the sky changes my eyes are remade

dark to light, I’m always shining in the shade

I don’t control the elements, but I’m one with them

everyday I wake up with my respiratory tract working I’m saying amen

if you get in my way, I’ll turn you from light to dark like the succession of night and day

cut your spleen out with one stab of the knife is my ultimate way to slay

you don’t cross me, then I’m very peaceful

test me, and you’ll be sent to a world finding out your sequel

death is easy, it can come at any second

better do your best to understand God, before your taught a lesson

my faith is strong, heavily rooted in the Quran

what I write is tremendous remarkably defended, it will always be beyond strong

as long as you have a God of understanding

you will be rewarded for the blessings you’re demanding

I don’t knock anyone for what they choose to believe in

even atheism can be a form of the deniers bleeding for achievement

I’m not trying to get religious on you because I’m mainly spiritual

religion are my guidelines of life, so I remain lyrical

eating writers for fun

there hasn’t been competition since I’ve started, I have every writing soul on the run

I’m not trying to sound cocky or conceited

I’m challenging anyone to match me, but they’re already defeated

I’ll be happy if someone responds

I’m waiting to show them what they’ve done wrong

they know they won’t win against the king of Nova Scotia

I’ll have any challenger wrapped around my words– yeah, I just roped ya

I do this for the love, not to get praises

I’ll have you doing u turns as your lost in my mazes

this 32 just provoked your thoughts, and made your philosophy contagious

raging a favorite invoking every brain to spark outrageous



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