Titanium Mind

My titanium mind lets me soar through time

been so far ahead I know what I’ll have for lunch on June 5th, 2050, it won’t be grime

I’m not going to elaborate on the meal, that would give my haters a chance to steal

I know what’s real, but most don’t even understand capacities of how to feel

if you’re going to judge quick

never expect to be trusted

I only judge between your heart and your actions

I won’t be around you if their not matching

most can’t match to save their lives

complaining about how they have to get a wife

man, I’m tired of hearing people complain

thinking their soaring higher than an airplane

all the snakes, fakes, and evil just makes me stronger

when a woman’s in my presence, I guarantee I charm her

compliment her on her new hairstyle

acknowledging and cherishing her, so if we lay down together she’ll get buck wild

I’m not perfect, but I know what a woman loves

I could steal her heart with just one hug

looking in her eyes to read her soul

I’m trapped now like when you don’t pay your bus toll

being trapped within the confines of her essence is beautiful

can’t define anything more suitable

strong women with a killer instinct in their eyes attracts me

I know when my shit stinks, she’ll kill me with those eyes factually

nothing better than a woman who’s never afraid to tell you what it is

if she didn’t, how do you expect her to teach her kids?

impenetrable mind is my kind of grind

destined to shine even without these rhymes

my mission is to show everyone they have a purpose

I can’t discover it for you, only you can know that your worth it

visionary Pictionary seeing your cemetery

literary bitter scary uprooting missionary


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