Blogging (Part 5)

I get love for blogging from all the right individuals

I own what’s left of the writing world, and all the blogosphere residuals

my blog would make history if I died while writing this

since I’m alive, most think I’m cramping their style; that I’m no kind of fit

I piece together everything like a jigsaw puzzle

been asking for challengers, but everyone’s mouth has a muzzle

they already know challenging me would be a futile mistake

the only debate will be what the picture said–no retakes

most will deny it and try to spawn it off something else

I know, and the true realize I rock every jewel of life to the 12th

a picture speaks a thousand words, but when I open my mouth it’s always a million in one

only one word of mine will lift and lead the children, I’m nicely done

been buzzing out and sending vibrations to shake every foundation

the blogosphere can’t speak on it, because evidence control has no retracing

of my steps, genetics, features, mind, or body

the leaders in another colony are too busy committing sins of sodomy

been punishing leaders, never a cheater

I’m more popular than leave it to beaver

women love me and I love them unconditionally

when I’m surrounded by them I always present them officially

they know who I am inside and out

I try to understand them without any doubts

the sustainers of life keep the world alive and running

king of Nova Scotia, I’ll always be hometown gunning

I think of a rhyme every millisecond to shake the fakers

doing this for every person to rise, even the takers

I know they can’t touch me on my plane

clinically, if I were diagnosed I’d be off the scale of insane

my brain is trained to be one with rain without any fame

I’m on a million dollar mission to have the poor abstain

voting in politics has been set up before you choose your ballot

your better off eating greens tossing your salad

nutrition is important, the government will never teach you that

feeding off of their junk food is one of the surefire ways they’ll stay intact

every rhyme, scheme, and chance I get

buries them deeper into the hell hole of a secret abyss

stepping to me would cause them an irreversible problem

they’ve been robbing all of us, so now it’s time to rob them

calculating every equation they ever made

writing is my voice that will never be taken off the page

I got love for my people who yearn to see a better day

the poor disenfranchised entrenched ways

I’m tired of seeing this so I’ll shoot for the stars and go past them

that’s my kind of affirmative action

writing will be the death of me, so I’m here until 3010

I’ll get shot up at my doorstep when I die, by two masked men


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