World Eye

The world eye has never been watching me but they try

the undercover police will never step to me because they will die

locking them in the hell fire

showing them how they will pay for all their greedy desires

the flames are hot from hell, bodies hear my last name ring bells

the fire cannot touch me and never will; can’t you tell?

if you can’t then I better make my purpose clearer

looking in my mirror will bring feeble minded weaklings terror

for the strong they know where I belong

I’m never purposefully doing wrong

I make mistakes, but it’s only caught by myself and my future wife

you’re only as strong as the woman behind you, she loves combat like me, her weapon of choice is the knife

if I could be stopped that means I would’ve already been popped

back in the day I set up on hot blocks and ran a little shop

was never big with my dealing, but I knew some suppliers

they lived off blood, so they’ll never be caught by the wire


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