Brains Been Washed

Brains been washed so horrifically they can’t define who they are

if they did, it would be the definition of an “industry superstar

not saying all are following suit, but most do

most people only listen to what they have to say, and regard it as true

how are you going to say music is transcending and evolving?

when human progression is like a bad detective case not worth solving?

music is changing, but definitely for the worst

can’t even find anything rewarding in most artists verse

how can we even call them artists?

yet, most love them and worship them; regarding them as the hardest

most are so ignorant they have no idea what they are even following

talking about materialism like it’s associated with talent; their brains need watering

like a plant, or delicate flower, they never took a real shower

the water hit them and bounced off like the planes hitting the twin towers

sales don’t correlate to how nice an artist is or will become

all that defines is their business is solid and runs

I can’t believe people can be tricked this easily

actually, that’s not true because they get off on teasing me

that’s a sad state of affairs to see what amuses them

I read their thoughts before they conjured how to count to 10

funny, how nobody can read my mind but I can read what’s on theirs

I’m unpredictable, and without that I’d never hit the last shot like Steve Kerr

true born champion, leader, and provider

ask the women I been with what she feels inside her

she’ll vouch for that, and maybe even say a little more

I won’t go inside a woman unless I’m willing to take her on a tour

tour of the world showing her who’s my favorite

we’ll be so high like the aftermath of faded

the last few conversations I had with most were so far off the coast

they didn’t know the difference between pork and toast


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