Hot Summer

It’s going to be a hot summer in many ways

days turn into darkness, making it easier to slay

I’m going to avoid beef

I don’t fear anybody, but I’m just harder than a coral reef

I’m way past all of that physical violence

society can’t learn, they stay planted with apoplectic silence

my confinement is time well spent

ask any women who knows me, she pays me before her rent

I’m not referring to money; just love

hotter than summer rays and more elegant than a dove

a real women is coming my way about to make me better

under the weather, getting cheddar, she’ll even make me sweat her

she’s got me no matter what I do

ain’t afraid to tell me when my shit stinks–never overused

on point quicker than I draw my rifle

delightful insightful loving disciple

she’s better than any drug of addiction

when she’s with me, I know I’m never quitting

philosophically speaking in our own riddles

she moves in secret like Stuart Little

trust me, she’s not small at all

just a woman who knows herself so well, she’s better than what’s off the wall

everything we do is solidified dignified signified light of a bigger side

picture perfect when she’s on top of me ready to ride


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