Real Loving

I’ll slaughter with passion for my team

regime so saccharine it’s unseen

I know them men like they know me

sitting with kings, sharpshooters like Kobe

when we turn it on there’s nobody in our way trying to intervene

rolling deep together creating scenes above other scenes

if you could see them you would think we’re clean

really we’re dirty, but put God first without any lean

the one most high always got us because we walk with he

passion from the king of all kings is what defines a real G

most say they have passion for God and that’s great

but that could be a lie–I think it’s hurting more than a toothache

real loving is for my wifey and my team forever

most would be blown away if they met her

if people get a chance to meet the woman I’m with

either they love her or like her minus all the hating bullshit

most are in the shadows, but some come out

she’ll knock them off this stage faster than me without a doubt

most men wouldn’t want it with her because they ain’t hard

trying to tell me their shining like a crystal shard

they don’t even have that; pitiful individuals

lying to prove what to me, that their lying remains critical?

their existence could be demolished in a blink of an eye

if I don’t do it, the my wifey will saying slowly but surely: get ready to die

we all strive for peace, but sometimes what I hear and see makes me want to come out of retirement

I only roll with kings and queens so we pay that shire rent

I’d rather stay in retirement than have to blast my gat off

going to war with combat stabbing your larynx out your mouth is my kind of talk

nobody can step to me, they would have done it already

I’m waiting for someone to challenge me any which way, I’ll leave them redder than spaghetti

I’m mostly just referring to writing, minus the fighting

most people are too afraid to step to me in person–I’m getting violently exciting


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