If I get locked up it will be over conspiracy

theorizing what I’ll do every year ahead, are you hearing me?

I associate with some of the deepest

streets, philosophers, even the teachers

they assume I’m doing dirt by the way I’m talking

even try to say I’m a troublemaker with how I’m walking

I don’t cause trouble I let it come to me

once it’s around, I’ll dead it off as your soul floats out the country

I’m not one for violence unless it’s needed

reheated depleted cheated obscene shit

that’s what I call violence and beef; there’s no need

thoughts whether I’m sober or high off weed

voice recognition on the phone with criminals isn’t present

my past, present, and future is run by the number seven

won’t ever be behind any murderous crime

been sublime was meant to shine, shinier than the smoothest dime



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