I’m a philogynist far from a misogynist who’s hating on the sustainers

identifying with women’s pain and suffering is a real trainer

learning from the teachers of our planet we call earth

I know what women are worth

most don’t understand so they demean to hurt

truth is, their more hurt than the women their attacking–I saw it before their birth

these boys who beat women think their men

they haven’t been ever able to define who’s a real friend

snakes, cowards, and liars making women feel like a speck

if that were my queen I’d show her she’s royalty, not by just putting a chain on her neck

jewelry is nice, but it doesn’t prove your love

if you think materialistically you’re a true scrub

everyone wants to wash you out of their lives because you’re dirty

all you really want is to be seen by everybody like prime time at 6:30

better sit back and stay alone

if you violate the women I’m with or her friends I’ll grip the chrome

blow your brains out and see no dreams because you are nothing

I don’t just say I’m the truth; I live it while you thought you were stunting

women need to be admired

without it, we’re trusting a false supplier

you better listen to what they have to say

think about what happened to Michael Corleone with his ex-wife Kay

all a woman wants is to be cherished, needed, and loved

all you want is to see her suffer under the touch of your hand that’s mud

I love all women in one way or another

only five women will always have my heart: my sister, grandmother, aunt, wife, and mother

there may be other women who get my heart before I find my wife

that’s just life, always growing learning what’s right

when I say what’s right I mean what’s right for me and her

I can’t define what’s right in your life, it would just be a blur

the queendom has taught me more than most could imagine

my heart sits deeply planted in that beautiful chasm

never leaving my protoplasm

women are so amazing, some I can’t even fathom

their beauty is truly new

every time I’m with them my heart pulsates right through

I could keep going on about this amazing feeling

I’ll just leave the ladies with this, and hope males learn instead of stealing

a woman’s identity isn’t anything to play around with because it’s cruel

most of these males are real boys who can’t clean their own drool



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