Leave Of Absence

My leave of absence was much needed

I love the internet, but my life will always stay secreted

only so much information can be pushed onto this platform

the haters stay in the shadows, they’re the definition of a rat storm

always telling on many

the queen is about to return–I’m still yelling free remy

when I go off the map I’m still out of this world

lifting weight off my back, destined to curl

the only person that can stop you is yourself

there’s no reason why all of us can’t gain wealth

I know I’m special, but that doesn’t make me any better than you

recognizing real love to impart knowledge with my crew

simplification of a sober nation

if I gave you deep philosophy, it would shake every station

look back on what I’ve done already, it’s been proven

moving through everything that left most drooling

deeper than the last root

higher than what any stats shoot

your scale is so frail you should be ashamed to call yourself male

most want to see me fail, so they regard what I write as tall tales

this is million dollar independence

the writing world is mine owning every particle of transcendence

just another 24 that cracked every ridge in the floor

soaring through every writer; continuing to open every door




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