Perspicacity is factually fantastically greater than your majesty

they couldn’t find a helicopter, plane, police car, microscope, or stethoscope worth tracking me

I’m a true believer, reliever, never a deceiver

if your woman is around me, then I retrieve her

much respect for the ones who are taken, but never second guessed

if they are, I’ll steal them from you cause your not treating her the best

insight so far driven it’s always above quittin’

protect myself, not by some fools fake mittens

my heart is pure

cooler than the finest cucumber, I’m sure

Satan can’t get me; he’s envious

I knocked him out with one word on a frenzy tip

never was running a block, but I could stand anywhere I pleased

street credibility is part of my hippocampus; never defacing any color or creed

hypothalamus is neurologically astounded

study the connections of my brain, all you’ll see is grounded

fornix is enormous

triangular structure connecting every essence that’s dormant

I just gave you a walk into my neurological pattern

studying the brain religiously, about to gain more rings than Saturn

I can’t match Jupiter cause I’m not a planet

continuing this path on earth, most don’t understand rich

looked inside your iris, and saw your soul

naturally inclined, never playing a role

every human being has a pupil that’s also known as a student of a teacher

God made the pupil including the preacher

don’t back away from the truth

once you do–I won’t hesitant to stab or shoot

getting in the way of my path is completely ridiculous

I’ll stab you out of your own eyes, that’s what I bear witness

back in effect with a deep 32

your mind was just unravelled as I unscrew


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