These Streets

These streets placed my soul on an entire new pedestal

lost my right hand man to a couple bullets–I just hope he passed through the heaven toll

growing up around killers never phased my ways

was provided with jewels around those who were meant to slay

my life has been wild thus far

I’m only 23 and I travelled more than any car

I’ve never left my country or even travelled throughout

one day I will because I’m more legendary than any unreasonable doubt

been stuck in one space living life without many

even though losses came, I still knew I had plenty

being alive is a blessing within itself, most who surround me can’t see

knowledge is what I build on repetitively, so I’ll always be free

one story was told, but many were never spoken

if I were to tell you some of my real instances you would think I was joking

battles are fought in war, even though, they aren’t always won

philosophized on this notion many times with my brother John

one more easily written 24 giving you a tiny picture of my world

more revolutionary than chocolate with a vanilla swirl

losses breed a new beginning

it’s a final turn into a brand new opportunity of winning

passionate about everything I put my mind to

if I wasn’t like me then I would be like you

trust, faith, hope, belief, and repentance

just a small beacon of what I represent, always getting a mention 



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