Time Limit

There’s absolutely no time limit on what I write

if there were, I wouldn’t write, I’d just fight everything that needs to come into the light

I like what Papoose said about being hated on because he’s nice

proof of truth, what he said took flight, it will always be right

I try my best to be a role model for the children

what I do is to lift and lead them higher than the roof in any building

I drink, smoke weed, and have sex

committing sins, not advising anyone to do what I do, you never know what’s next

this falsification of reality is deeply imbedded of the culture I grew up in known as my mentality

sex before marriage isn’t correct, but I made it my reality

all I can do is ask God to forgive me for my sins of lust

if I don’t pray to the most high and repent who will I trust?

testing me is like trying to demolish the seven seas

your mission is fruitless cause it costs more than your highest tax fee

government already made sure to try and lock me away

they lost horrendously, now, all I can see is better days

the industry black balled me for exposing all of their evil secrets

showing everything that was deeply demonic, most still choose to believe it

I haven’t even put out a physical copy of The False Reality Of Martin

they deleted my ebook off Scribd, knowing this is a million dollar man march I’m starting

the creator of Scbrid knows I’m destined to make more money than him

he sits planted trying to connive with his personal Jinn

another 24 to point out what the youth should be giving the greatest attention to

temperamental moments is a memory file heaven sent to you


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