Ladies, Please Stand Tall

Ladies, please stand tall, don’t let a boy duck your calls

a dog will just play with your emotions like his ball

he’ll reach his goal of busting his nut

then he’ll be the first in your social circle to think and publicly call you a mutt

I know that type of ridicule can seem like it’s beyond tough

but you’re the one who’s making it rough

you could have left him at anytime

yet, you decided to stay thinking it would be sublime

don’t fall for his foolish trickery

these type of actions need reprimand of a shifting fee

kick his ass to the curb before it’s too late

it’ll be the first step to enlighten your fate

if he tells you that he loves you please don’t believe it

real men show their unconditional affection and mean rich

if a king truly loves you he will never think of calling you a single name

you’ve just cemented a place in his heart that’s connected to his brain

The last day is very near. All of the signs are evident–this is very clear. The population as we know it won’t live to see it. I guarantee most would rather die before having to cease their gift. It will come when my children are raising their children. I’m just going to warn them that they won’t be protected by any form of building. This will be an entirely brand new population that gets to see the planet earth on its last day. I just hope the future is thankful for my warning because it will arrive during the month of May. 


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