Midnight Prayers

Midnight prayers are an essential credential amalgamating my mental

I clean myself up properly, my teeth shine bright in the dark cause I’m dental

bowing my head to Islam, letting Allah tell me its on

repentance won’t be extended after your gone

once I’m finished I read the Holy Qur’an

repetitively speaking fondly outside my physical, you could call me an Imam

I read through at least one Surah, but I always try to stay long

if I leave Allah astray then everything will surely go wrong

patiently waiting; constantly saving

my soul becomes whole, I’m spiritually raving

every argument was won with no debating

floating outside of my body restaging

spiritually divine is my inclination haven

acquired knowledge more legendary than Edgar Allen Poe’s: The Raven

now only Allah can see the hand I’m waving

I can’t see his hand waving back, but I know what the greatest does will always surpass amazing

now, there are nights when I’m completely drunk under the heaviest influence

I won’t ever be allowed praying; stuck participating in sin consuming

nothing comes past me–my alcoholic level is strong

when I’m loaded I sing some of the deepest songs

there are other nights when I’m floating off the haze

some say it makes them peaceful, but I feel destined to slay

I’m always very exuberant and happy when intoxicated

however, I imagine murdering many who are cursed by the hatred

falsifying reality doesn’t even bring me anywhere near the demons

I locked up Shaitan, Shayatin, and my personal Jinn when I produced my first semen

can you only imagine how I think when I’m mad

I’m glad complete stillness is present in my mind or I’d leave families mourning sad

I have a horrible temper

signing hollow tips or knives of combat is what I’ve indentured

this 32 was meant to show you balancing violence

my sickest thoughts occur when I sit peacefully in silence


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