My Purest Prophecy

My purest prophecy has zero monotony

mastered the masters ecology

been writing my whole life even before I could speak

taught myself to read at 3; I’ve never been weak

always on an adventure to master my facts

lacking knowledge is something the majority lacks

they may know that the minority is trapped

but why do they never want to tip their hat?

hatred has been constantly on the outside

philosophical quadrants reached with no lies

soaked all of the filtered knowledge from high school and college

linguistically embodied a new Ebonic installment

stopping me is impossible

I already predicted my death held culpable

that’s means I’m already dead, ready to shed

like immortal technique I’m well read

now my heart is immortally fed

while you rest alive, but remain dead

knew I was destined to get discovered very quickly

could have been traditionally published already–truth is, they miss me

I already know who I have my independent distribution deal with

it just won’t be mentioned until it happens so no soul can steal it

when the year 2017 hits my fans will be saying I fell off

they’ll just be below my thoughts with dirty feet and no socks

only going to publish one novel that year

I’ll be making real businessman moves to instill fear

releasing one of the greatest mixtapes your ears can hear

hip hop is in my veins, but I’m the realest writer I swear

been studying poetry as my form of religion

my incision gives every single living cell a division


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