Dogs, Dolphins, and The Devil

I am about to make a post that will make minds bubble. This will absolve my soul and yours of all my troubles. Dogs are the “purest” trick from Satan, stationed on this planet to formulate hating. Why do you think your dog loves you when nobody else does? That’s Satan tricking you again showing you absolutely no love. Dogs come in various forms of species while the carpet holds all of its feces. Dolphins are the devil in the water. Why do you think tourist’s attractions call her? They may be intelligent, but it’s just a trick to make you dumb. They can’t run through the water, they don’t have the strength of a shark’s gun. The movie Jaws was created to lead you astray, trying to prove sharks are dangerous. The Simpsons already depicted the greatest form of cartoon, but most believe there’s nothing stranger than this. 7 is the God number and each letter in the dolphin represents evil. Now, what do you think is at the end of this trio?
Dogs, Dolphins, and The Devil

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