Fake women selling their fake souls

I get bread and watch them roll

the real on Twitter always acknowledge me

showing them the greatest ontology

everyone is fondly observing

my mind is like the fastest traffic swerving

everything I reap is deserving

everlasting; never curbing

what’s the word Jinn

I rocked you out of your shoes to show you who you’re serving

lowering the gaze of my art

hate it so much, but I need to show fans where to start

just used a Papoose line from the heart

wheels rolling faster than any cart

females, women, and wives follow me in secret

truth is, their boy toy, boyfriends, or husband are angry that my mind is the deepest

new Satan followers try to touch me everyday

each letter in my tweet tells them to go away

in my stance I’ll back you down and spray

your soul is stuck in the last month like May

not Charles Manson but I create helter skelter

obliterating your soul sending it south for shelter

not a bird, but I fly south for the winter

only been sick a handful of times in my life thanks to ginger


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