Return Of The God

I’m back to take all the blogosphere residuals

You won’t be able to stop my physical

The fire I write burns out the devil

There isn’t a writer alive who can build on my level

I was gone for a short minute

But my fluids have been replenished

I have so much poetry written

Grinding 9 days of the week is my position

Ladies Prism could have been here last year

But I would rather hang first, like a pear

Making this profession look easy

My writing is a cipher; address me as Beezy

I’m a future billionaire, with a slow grind

filthy rich writer, who controls time

my poetry ignites the spirit

benevolence, goodness and discipline so heaven can hear it

I’m listening to Coltrane while writing this verse

I’m smoother than a jazz tune played in reverse

unmatched and assiduously focused on succeeding

failure is what I bring to writers careers–babies teething

I’ve suffered from pain that was excruicating

the pure truth is what I’m illuminating

fecundating each figure I capture

showing planet earth the path of a master

I’ll be publishing three poems per week

ride my literary road, if its knowledge you seek

I’m legendary even before publication

The False Reality Of Martin shocked the entire nation

I have many more novels in my memory bank

I’m becoming higher in rank, with only Allah to thank

intricate rhyme scheme, producing magnificent themes

I’m more popular than any meme

a smooth organized criminal

I’m on top of the writing world, representing the pinnacle

being the king of Nova Scotia is a wonderful feeling

working like a slave–I’m not drug dealing

the written word is what I push onto the concrete

security is my haven out of harms reach

I have the greatest fans in the world

a cult following more valuable than pearls

I shine brighter than any constellation

causing writers block and constant aggravation

wise like old men, I don’t go around my old friends

my success is what holds them

loving life infinitely, avoiding the penitentiary

what I’ve done in one year would take you a century

forty-eight lines to prove I rule the culture

I’ll be here when your gone, enriching soil like a mulch


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