Literary Legend

I push novels, poetry and short-stories like ecstasy

My speed is Godly, like my destiny

The phonies get abolished, demolished

My prose is clean and polished

I have many novels ready for publication

But I’m eating off the publics anticipation

Physical copies will be available before the year ends

The angels in heaven will be cheering

My work is written in the dungeon

I’m a precise writer, like a summons

Bestseller, incredibly stellar, loyal like old yeller

I’m in the basement flowing like a wine cellar

The greatest people truly support me

The Satanist’s want to extort me

Eating up these animals because I’m on top of the food chain

The ladder was climbed easily, the evils I refrain

Ladies Prism has romanticism like ancient scriptures

You might paint, but I install remarkably beautiful pictures

Jugular Spirits is horrific. utterly gifted

Shooting for the top like two biscuits

Immaculate Detection is a mystery resurrection

Giving the real writers serious direction

Undeniable Immortality will heighten your morality

I recite sublime verses, depicting reality


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