The Industry Is Addicted

The throne is tougher than chrome

I show you your home, by entering your dome

Cross me and you won’t live to see another day

You will be hugging God, because that’s what pays

The godfather, uplifting martyrs, the strongest starter

I’m flyer than the carter–a soul departer

I write a message full of blessings

Living lessons, never stressing, always impressing

My destiny only asks the best of me

I’m becoming better, yet, many think less of me

The devil plays his games of greed

He comes in many forms, even dressed in tweed

I’m patient, leading future generations

Canada is behind me making litigations

I get paid for blogging poetically

Proving the dead truth mathematically and theoretically

I’m a beastly creature, who consistently digs deeper

I’m a wise man, who preaches more treasures than a preacher

Proliferation is how I operate my movement

Every time I write, the world sees improvement

The sickness is ridiculous, making you nauseous

I move under the concrete, vigilantly cautious

My inspiration comes from purification

Literary style exquisite–each word is ruthless detonation


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