The Notorious Man

What I write is painstakingly glorious

yet, it’s labelled as being notorious

nefarious stratagems keep me away from the casket

hands are placid, never flaccid

I’m the streets with a mind very unique

I write thought provoking classics that require no critique

my words are judged harshly, by individuals with no credit

I’ll say what you won’t; yeah, I said it

the evolution I embody isn’t shoddy

it’s just an infamous demeanour like John Gotti

I make hits in the publishing world like the mob

haters tell me I should get another job

extending past what is deemed as boring

a lot of people are sleeping on me, I caught them snoring

books written, poetry well-versed, the writing world is mine

I shine so divine through rougher times, and gritty crimes

I’m so hot, I’m on fire, I’m not a liar

rearranging situations that are dire

the worst of me is expected, cause I gleam like a necklace

reading the verses I craft, make you breathless

detection derives from analytical inspection

the connection is an unstoppable direction

invincibility is the greatest fertility

humility under God-given abilities

the impossible is made reality, by a swift hand

the land I expand is created by stern commands

I hold the key to each lock

so they mock because I left them in a state of shock

I enter each database and crash the sever

the network can’t identify me, it can only feel my fervour

impeccable intuition, firmly implanting my position in the ignition

nutrition feeding you knowledge, shepherding wisdom into fruition


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