Poppin’ Like Popcorn

I send out more echo’s than the lake

I stare into your eyes, and see that your fake

I stomp through any city, ready to get it gritty

That’s the reason why everyone wants to take pity

I’m laughing inside a lot, parading through the block

I’m an unmovable, hard substance, like a rock

I’d gladly put you out of your misery

I see your hand shaking, it’s so jittery

If you want to battle, I’m patiently waiting

I guarantee the cracks of bones won’t be mine breaking

This vocation is done silently in my sleep

I’m a sweeter consumption than beep

The pleasures I indulge in have no measure

I’m digging up pearls from beneath–the truest treasures

I’m writing from all different angles

Metaphorical, literally, and figuratively I have every mind tangled

Get hot in the corporate market and see who stays the same

A lion is in my heart ready to attack, but I’m tame

I eat up these writers for a light snack

The knowledge I pack, puts every writer directly in back

The writing world won’t see anything better

You haven’t experienced someone this clever

Mainstream success, is part of my mental calisthenics

I sprint past these fools who are pathetic


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