The Sun Shines For Rain To Fall

The rain brings a newfound sense of hope

It’s a holy blessing from the heavens–nicer than the pope

Smoke clouds suffocate the visions of living legends

Fake friends will be the first to call you, brethren

The rain lets vegetation show a natural demonstration

Green house gases won’t get emitted, by ventilation

The ecological climates are being destroyed

Economically, they say: it’s viable for more people to be employed

A standpoint that gets reiterated every time

What a deadly parasite added to the mind

The venom isn’t my kind of kind

It’s a sour taste in the mouth, like lemon rind

The capitalists say they are doing it for the people

This is an excessive lie, used to be lethal

Once realized–there’s no power it will have over you

I paint a scarier picture; more vicious than a Halloween, October view

The sun beams down upon the humans on earth

It shows the value of what the human life is worth

The light shines above, all around, and under footsteps

The identification can show who’s not a crook yet

A dessert is created by a drought

I send uncontrollable showers, with undeniable clout

The sun shines for the rain to fall

each season may change rapidly, but I continue to ball


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