New Doors

Opportunities flow, liberate and innovate

What I generate, is what you can’t penetrate

My reputation is what fools choose to meander

The persona the public paints of me is slander

The lies they invent, create a pretence with no defence

All of these liars are under my feet like cement

I’m holding many keys that the public can’t see

I’m underground eternally, because I’m a G

I see the world with my heart unsullied

Disciplined acutely when I get gully

I have soft eyes when I envision a brand-new venture

My name is constantly popping out of your mouth like dentures

The renovation and construction is natural like a volcanic eruption

I’m not from New York City, but I flow like the Hudson

Mysteriousness is what puts me above

I write for respect and love

I try my best to uplift the people, by enhancing spirits

but I get stacks while I write too, so a lot don’t want to hear it

The fraudulent ones who plot my demise only feel despise

When they look into my eyes, I see their anger that I’m running an enterprise

I’m a threat and a promise–defining the blueprint of this profession

The sessions I instate relieve stressing and depression

I’m taking over 2015, and every year after

I drown out the ignorance with exuberant laughter

Publication is a sure thing before the year ends

Contracts will be signed, as I amend

Ladies Prism will lead you out of every schism

A peaceful mood is how I annihilate cataclysms

History in the making, like the first bread baking

I have billions on my mind, that are for the taking

I have a lot of work written, that the world is missing

When its released, societies turmoil will be shifting


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