The Grind

Diligence is what makes me militant

Building on the highest level, reaping dividends

The drive is like a smoking gun, firing a speeding bullet

Digging nasty weeds out of the ground, I pull it

I’m focused on taking what belongs to me

I’m heard throughout the world, but very few can see me

The platform is bright like a meteor shower

My writing is one constituent that gives me power

The future is bright; I’m flying high like a kite

I prefer to move in silence at night

I’m pushing forward with relentless force

I’m smoking more greenery than a golf course

The poetry I write reflects my life in the purest form

I’m a one man army, when I attack, I swarm

Delivering a scripture, that can’t be measured on the scale known as the richter

The photogenic mesmerization, shoots a staggering picture


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