Born Passion

I possess the talent, skills and clout

The pen I write with, burns the others out

The government and industry fear me, cause I see life clearly

I’m serving justice to revitalize, the police don’t operate fairly

I was rich way before I started taking writing seriously

Knowledge exists forevermore, so I get judged terribly

My head rests with the dead, the immortally fed

Philosophy written exquisitely, you aren’t being mislead

My novels are prophetic, like David and Noah

Ladies Prism is a romantic constrictor like boa

I have more work coming directly after

They will all be independently published, invoking lessons and laughter

The first chapter will hypnotize, the following will enchant

A ceaseless moment in history, capturing perfection like a stamp

The best man will win, no matter what obstacles are presented

I bulldoze through the adversity, and demolish the demented


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