Higher And Fire

The plug to eat, lies within my words

Cheese in the mouse trap, sounds absurd

But that means nobody can reach their hand in my pocket

I’m blasting off, tremendously like a rocket

The Godfather, the king, the leader

Asinine moves are detected–destroying the women beaters

Young adults popping malignant pills, they seeking thrills

Chemicals are their priority, its what they call bills

The drug dispersal invokes senseless rehearsals

In reality, society needs a positive reversal

Guns no longer come dirt cheap

The next option is shank the sheep

All these heathens living proud; smelling foul

The way they talk, tells me, they already threw in the towel

The fake love pours down on me, like a hurricane

Before I was buzzing,  my enemies didn’t expose their frame

Proving that I’m a ruthless natural disaster

I’m acquiring knowledge from the masters, master

A powerful man, who doesn’t miss a step

Unaware, if I’m floating towards the right or the left

Treasures, jewels, wisdom, perseverance, and patience

Truthfully consistent, illuminating the unseen, vividly blatant

I obliterate what Allah hates, but give the believers encouragement and endearment

The visions I have are so enthusiastic, it improves your impairment


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