Riding Relentlessly

The most consistent writer, the lover and a fighter

I’m wrapping up the game, making it tighter

Disturbing me will lead you to death

Know your place, I sell poems like meth

Low profile, keeping it clean and low key

My dreams are coming true, by doing me

Laying back now, but I’m riding relentlessly

The law is broken extensively

Work drive that has fuel like an aircraft

The heart is how you win, so you can finish last

The black clouds used to stay above me

But I still understood that God loves me

I see decades into the future, but live day by day

I impact the universe like Sway

Beastly creature, serving pure justice like a preacher

Reading my novels in classrooms because I’m a teacher

I’m writing seven days every week like James Patterson

But I guarantee I grind much harder; who’s badder then?

The writing world couldn’t foresee my storm

When I’m burning Satan to smithereens, they swear I’m warm

Why do you think brilliant ideas come from a brainstorm?

My words cause hurricanes and earthquakes, the rain is warm

The soul is strengthened by prayer and fitness

When my knife cuts flesh, there won’t be a witness


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