I’m not afraid to go to war because I won before it starts

A real warrior focuses on the real, before his soul departs

The existential potential amagalmates my mental

My style can’t be borrowed, like a rental

The harder I go, the more haters arrive

I could care less about follows, likes, comments, or who subscribes

I back the truth up with my life

You can’t prove that I’m lying, because I’m destroying the hype

If I were telling lies, then death would have came upon me

Even when I’m raging, I’m still moving calmly

Barrelling through the hypocrisy, the staggering maneuver

Decapitating the signs of any quarrelsome intruders

The view is outstanding, respect is what I’m demanding

Obtaining the greatest gifts in life is what I’m commanding

Penetrating barriers, you thought I was inferior

I don’t think I’m better than y’all; only God is superior

The inspiration from the most high is how I speak

Envisioning the world with my heart, experiencing the peak

Fake compliments, love and behavior from people who say their my neighbours

I told you before, and I’ll say it again: I am the savior

The checks come in seven figures, regardless

These writers are soft–truly, I am the hardest

All the public can do is fabricate and spread rumors

But all that tells me is they aren’t smart consumers

Living the life that I want to live, by doing what I love

I know many people who have jobs they hate, despising what’s above

I’m kind to those who hate me; it makes them furious

Discovering new gaps in knowledge, because I’m curious

Ladies Prism will romance like no novel has done before

New connections will be made, establishing an impeccable rapport

Books of poetry written, novels in transition, short-stories in a dominating position

The recession is here, but I’m not affected–defining real sedition


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