Rising Consistently

My words become more meaningful; everytime my pen touches the page

The stage is lit up like the path to stardom–I feel all the rage

Jealousy will only eat you alive, destroying your organs

My signature is unique, I’m a free man like Morgan

Writing articles, full of transcending particles

Uplifiting the spirit, sailing on smooth seas like I’m nautical

The most hated writer in this occupation

I gave the written word supreme restoration

Queens, princessess and first ladies

Most say their shady, but any one of them can produce a baby

The sustainers of humanity don’t deserve insanity

I’ll vanish all of the senseless vanity

My queen brightens up my day, enhances my dispostion

She accelerates, placing the key in the ignition

What a wonderful, incomprehensible feeling, the best

Give it a rest, who are you trying to impress?

The flyest man in any room I enter

I get hit up more than the keyboard full of splinters

The unstoppable king, fighting in any ring

Poetically, my words make you want to sing

I’ll be the richest author alive in dollars and sense

Just give me a time span, I’ll jump over the fence

The history maker, the record breaker, the progression train

The man who is raising each level–I’m digging so deep my shovel is full of rain


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