True Hustler

Each day is a resurrection; another delicate impression

I try to become better daily, by philosophical introspection

Talking is an easy feat, to say the least

True listening is how you really feast

Writing until I die, most always ask me why?

My reply: the passion I possess is deeper than the dead saying goodbye

Destiny cannot be stopped, the written word is my path

I seek the goodness of Allah, not his wrath

Cash doesn’t equate to success

But it makes others think of you less

Envious of the happiness, elements and influence

I move with congruence, flowing like a river beyond confluence

The people who really keep it real let their actions speak for itself

But the fraudulent love to boast about their wealth

Ladies Prism has a romance designed to intertwine brighter minds

The definition that’s defined is an enterprise on a higher grind

True Hustler moving words like I’m drug dealing

Each word enters your soul, giving you a incomprehensible feeling

I have an open mind, and a kind hearted soul

But don’t test me, cause I’m darker than coal

Novels on deck, short-stories describing true tests

Many goals to accomplish before I get put to rest

Split-personalities, that lives two completely distinctive realities

My novels, poems, and short-stories are read, but my face is a cipher exuding my mentality


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