The clarity of prosperity is like the purest water

Blessings that will be bestowed, by the heavenly father

As an author, I hit the jugular from every conceivable angle

Unwrapping the clouded mind, that was once tangled

Writing was made solely for my success

Each project I write captures public interest

Turning each corner; applying intense pressure

I speak from the heart–I don’t let my emotions fester

Stacks turn into racks, millions into billions

I’m organized like a crime syndicate that’s Sicilian

Writing beauty, is truly my duty, the strengthening message

The essence is combined with tempestuous winds, leaving you breathless

The False Reality Of Martin will be published before 2015 is over

A gem, diamond and jewel rarer than a four leaf clover

Ladies Prism will be released gracefully in succession

It will be like night and day, the way it leaves an impression


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