The Summit

The fountain of youth should be submerged in couth

These are precious actions, like when a child loses their first tooth

Times change rapidly, but I expand tactfully

I write fiction, but have a voice that’s factual

The mental is shaped by the trust of others

Beauty isn’t finite or defined by colors

The loveliness of architecture ingrains memories

But some are meant to create negative energy

Keep the victims and villains at bay

They are one in the same like night and day

Eyes are meant to be open for the hearts protection

Let the heart view life, so it’s sweeter than confection

Eat my knowledge, digest my wisdom, and understand my place

This face is a solemn embrace, moving at a faster pace, by God’s grace

A martyr, who’s only becoming smarter, the fiercest starter

Trading resourceful tools in the system like barter


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