Mainstream Dream

I see through all these fake smiles that beguile

I’m meant to be wild, cause the stacks come in piles

Literary crystals, awards more lethal than missiles

One of the few writers who always keep it official

Underground strategies, that help me live lavishly

I fill you up like a dentist, healing a cavity

Short-story competitions; setting the judges on fire

What I require isn’t what any other writer desires

Cracking the windows open, shattering the glass

Internationally known with a worldwide pass

The truth creates more haters and dollars

A studious scholar–I got these dogs halted on my collar

The corner is how empires are envisioned, the inception

I’m a wondrous visionary like Bugsy Siegel, the stable direction

Land, property, investing like I’m playing monopoly

Mainstream dream completed gritty and properly

Contacts, connects, the blood has been donated

Segregation was tested, but integration is debated

Upcoming, forever running, the magical formula

Mathematically, I see the essence of your cornea

Penetrating the grain, writing out of my frame

I plug you siliently, like the drain

Floating, moving around the world like an apparition

Supernatural pen–there’s no measurement for my intuition

The best poet, novelist and short-story writer alive

But most say my career is an illusion, taking the dive

The top is where I’m planted, the world is slanted

I spread love to everyone, the ladies say I’m romantic

Writing every single day, keeping the grind impetuous

Belligerent mind state, your biggest mistake is testing this

Certainly, only the greatest minds work with me

The details are acute, you know I’m a lurking, G


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