The Future Enterprise

I would rather eat like a king, than look like a baller

I’m teaching you the mentality of a shotcaller

My height hasn’t changed, but I’m told I’m taller

Writing with great influence; not ruining the craft for a dollar

Know the ledge, cause the truth makes you the best scholar

Lies are for the weak, they say they love but never holler

Supplication is the key to domination

The gold I disperse is a priceless restoration

Who do you think runs the nation?

It isn’t the prime minister or Satan

I love the hatred–its more beautiful than being naked

Phonies have their heart on their wrists, like a bracelet

The angels put me on track like a race

I have a ghetto queen stripping for me; she loves the silk and lace

I give an entirely new value to the written word

I’m holding back writers work, cause I don’t follow the herd

Contracts signed with the most high

You can’t rob me–this is the truth, not a lie

I’m financially stable outside this profession

Investing in myself has been in session, the finest lesson

I’m writing content that everyone else is blind to

Cross me, then I’m destined to find you

Tearing apart your cranium, like an unsolved equation

I’m everywhere your not; call it an invasion

Family over everything is the motto

But I always put God first, so others follow

Land, real estate, the luxurious properties

A palace in each major city, decimating the monotony

Steadily winning, the demons are grinning

But the smiles are a game; playful sinning

The ceiling cracked, the windows opened, the door was unlocked

A business owner, who has restaurants solid as a rock


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