Letter To My Queen

The chemistry was noticed by our enemies

The venomous snakes tried pinning me

But they failed miserably, cause I move with God

My queen is a pisces; a fish, swimming in the ocean like cod

There are lessons I wish I could teach you

But you need to learn on your own, so Satan won’t beat you

My queen recognizes I’m the greatest ever in this profession

The writing exception, impressing each session, leading the world out of depression

Beauty, purity, and piety in our hearts

Riding on the envious, ripping them apart

Getting figures; ready to poke anyone like Facebook

Homicidal maniacs–playing chess, just stole your rook

Weight is rising rapidly, the plug is electric

Conscientious, driven, focused, powerful and respected

Living by any means, enhancing the gritty scenes

Money used to be dirty, but now its clean

Getting together is a natural disaster, like a tornado

Molding life, impeccably, creating a republic like Plato

The world eye doesn’t watch either of us

Our third-eye is more wise, derailing the lust

Flying away, back to the home God made

Building on a caliber so high, the thoughts are sharper than a blade

The love you experienced before was evil

Just another lustful mind, claiming their regal

Pulling you out wasn’t part of my destiny

But meeting you made many think less of me

The trials and tribulations devoured all of my patience

But it was worth it, to have you inside me and adjacent

Gifts come with advancement, but curses have a bow

If I didn’t write this, you wouldn’t know how to glow

I penetrate your soul, by bringing out your best qualities

Nobody can prove how special you are; defining anomalies

Grace, intuition and flawless vivacity

Earth’s core is the measurement of your most simplistic capacity

The propensity for intensity, is why people look in your eyes and mention me

I know that we will both live for a century, no help from a pension fee

Poetic repertoire, is the way you walk, soaring like a hawk

Class is in session, but there’s no chalk

Being spiritually led back to me is what was planned

The demand, expands the land, like civil engineering bridging Japan

You will always be mine, the finest kind

Everything you search for, in my heart you will find

Loyalty is the condition we chose

Delicate like the petals falling off a rose

She said: set me free, leave me be, see the key

The understanding will come to you, like the number three

The struggle produces perfection–spectacular injections

Learning the wisest wisdom from deep reflection

You told me it was surprising that I was still alive

Put me in any predicament, and I’ll survive

Shining bright, like the stars resting above us

The most important factor, is that God loves us

The female version of me, the best representation

I’m faithfully yours, shimmering with indispensable litigation


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