I see fools trying to watch my moves

Not focusing on yourself, what does that prove?

Bullet proof, because my heart could eat you

Never let anyone mistreat or beat you

I can expose all of your weaknesses

Putting strength and vigor into sequences

Ready to attack, the sword is on my side

But my defence are the rules I abide

Charging in full force like a lithium battery

Beating you writers down to nothing, stop with the fake flattery

My words bury your novels, poems, and short-stories

The graveyard is where you get the most glory

Scriptwriter, playwright and ghostwriter on the low

Each one is supernatural; a deadly blow

The phantom, I should rewrite the national anthem

I see these writers roughing it, like their camping

Take what rightfully belongs to you

This way: nobody will look through you

Show less than what you have–be glad

Getting mad, goes out of style fast, like a fad

I remember in the past when I had nothing to my name

Selling weed gave me a reputation, like a train

The money came fast, but this writing money is much faster

I tear apart the terrain like a natural disaster

Friendly, calm, and peaceful like Casper

I’m reciting more sermons than a pastor

Looking after my family, keeping them safe

You won’t cross them, like the forensic caution tape

I haven’t even come close to reaching my full power

But I’m more sturdy than a tower

2015, marked the year of publication

2016 will bring unlimited prosperity, created by my scintillation


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