Limitless Potential

She has the courage of a lion

She won’t give up, she won’t quit trying

Even when she feels like dying

The abuse from a child molester left her crying

Her father entered her roughly

Complained about her technique; accused her of being rusty

How could she enjoy rape?

When a savage took out his anger on her, cause he was fake

She thought the violation was perpetual

But she didn’t understand why he was so sexual

She left home at a young age

Sixteen to be precise, trying to turn the page

Her body looked like a mature, vivacious woman

She started stripping underage, her status was pulling

Studied books, learned knowledge of self

But she was seen as a whore, with no wealth

Stacking for better days, rooting for salvation

Her sojourn filled with sorrow, gave her the trait of intimidation

She dictated the path she took

She became a successful artist, like Nas–made you look

She possessed the voice of an angel

God made her incredible from every angle

The feebleness subsided, she’s a businesswoman, who isn’t divided

The glass ceiling was shattered, the moneymaking became private


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