Rising And Climbing

I went from making calls, to calling shots

When my pen is in session, I enter your thoughts

Self-made popularity, you play charades

These games are bound to fade, like a parade

Serving Allah, and nothing else

He heals all wounds, enhances health

The contribution is relentless evolution

Fear, God, he delivers swift retribution

Gratitude brings better circumstances

I only respond to genuine advances

The ladder of success is easy to climb

What I bring to the world is divine, ultimately sublime

Getting up higher is what I require

I’m not into following lustful desires

I’m staying in-between the stars like a asterisk

Dissecting the bombastic, absolutely fantastic

The stress on my brain blew away like leaves

I’m a grizzly in Vancouver, like Bryan Reeves

I broke through steps on the ladder, became badder

The publishing industry has gotten sadder; full of clatter

I came to erase the frivolity out of existence

My work ethic is ruthlessly persistent

The days become shorter, and the nights grow longer

The weeks become faster, and I grow stronger

My life needed adjusting, the new beginning

Reborn into a self-made millionaire–constantly winning

Young, motivated, ready to invest

Expanding the necessities I need to get off my chest

I’ve been homeless, alone in this cold, cold world

But I knew my words are more valuable than diamonds and pearls

When I was told to quit, I only went harder

My novels beat money, cause they know how to barter


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