Unstoppable Nature

I’m crossing over to a new life, like Iverson and Hardaway

My memories were enlodged in the harder days

But I’m not even thinking about a dark path

The light I recite leaves you broken like a cast

I recognize when loyalty is presented, but its rare

If I want you dead, I put it in my swears

The streets, the cement, the cracked pavement is what I move through

I’m not slithering like a snake, because I have a lot to prove

Keeping the verses simples; popping authors like pimples

A woman is empowered by her intelligence; not her cute dimples

Every time the pen is in my hand, the weather changes

I’m sick with the words like I have a fever; coming from different ranges

My height can be measured, but my mind is like a lever

I turn on the heat, and make you powerless, cause I’m way too clever

Supernatural being, only speaking on what’s factual

I make every dream I have reality, the actual

I’m high like the clouds and sticky kush

I have a buzz bigger than Lupe with Kick, Push

Find a passion that you would gladly die for

I spread love that exudes out of my core

Men are quick to call women whores

Yet, they love to watch the sweat drip from their pores

The streets made me, I love what God gave me

The silver spoon is what I will give my baby

Opportunities are like the stars the way they shoot

I’m not an enslaved man like the movie Roots

Honor the deeds that you commit, the purest dignity

I was born to be filthy rich; grounded man, never fidgety

Showing much less than what I have–I’m forever glad

I’m a goodfella, but I’m the enigmatic static recreating bad


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