Gaining Stamina

Writers block doesn’t exist in my world, the countless ideas

I’m building the next block, I wouldn’t wanna be ya

The lethargy is setting in, these writers are fatigued

Compare any writer alive to me, and I’m out of their league

Compromising your integrity for money is an impediment

Dollars and fame has no correlation to your intelligence

Overriding these foolish pretenders with my splendor

Leaving my enemies breathless; there are no contenders

Raising up the competitive nature, supporting the authenticity

I won’t ever commit a single action for publicity

I’m revered, feared and undoubtedly cared for

But the future explains, that I should hear more

Alert, aware and inquisitive of my environmental impact

Those living a lie try to earn their sin back

What a wicked way to live a life on this planet

Close your heart to God, then you can hardly manage

The marathon is ran in record time, the gigantic strides

Dignity signifies self-respect, not feeble pride

Picking up pace, beating each case, enhancing my face

I’m ahead of the population, but life ain’t a race

I love being me, the feeling is extraordinary

My writing attacks the jugular, like a coronary

My stomach is as flat as a table, no fable

The affluence increases rapidly, becoming abnormally stable

I was patient on seeking publication

I became a household name, by my own representation

Pushing work into the galaxy like Samsung

Technologically advanced, hustling the server, you are left hanging like a tongue

The stars guide us, but you can’t measure what I provide us

The value is flawless, because Allah is right beside us

I would rather listen than speak

I promise the world I will gain more mills than meek


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