Express You

Hiding behind what others think, will make you sink

Be your best self–it won’t stink

Why do you think a lot of people are seeing shrinks?

Because they can’t face the truth; their life is on the brink

Without the spirit, we would all sound like parrots

I dig facts out of the ground, like a carrot

Constituting a firmer purpose, nobody can hurt this

The stronger I become, the more I’m told that I’m worthless

I intimidate, invigorate, scintilate and generate

The cells penetrate the unforeseen and innovate

Walking where you won’t go, the journey is cohesive

I have a fan base, who sticks to me like adhesive

The worldwide passion, is like a girl gone wild flashing

You see the beauty for a minute, then I’m onto other action

Ancient lessons that could be written on a sacred scroll

I see other writers sliding down, like a stripper pole

It’s a blessing to be true to yourself

Why puff up with pride, just to gain wealth?

A useless, fruitless; utterly derogatory practice

Roles are being played, like an award for the best actress

A gangster, thug and aggressive creature is one side of me

The other: is an angelic message that won’t lie to me

The third part to the equation has balance

Passing the tests presented is the challenge

Steroids are like asteroids, the way they are landing

Every product is a gimmick the way they are branding

I have all the pieces to the puzzle; call it a grand assembly

Everyone is trying to act like a friend to me

I have prose written like Mario Puzzo

But I switch up the style–I’m not looking for approval

The work I craft speaks for itself in volumes

The ear drums will burst open, like architecture columns


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