World Class

A demeanor of being sassy isn’t classy

I see a lot of stuck up women walking past me

It’s all good, if they don’t want to acknowledge

You aren’t a better person because you obtained a degree from college

You could become many things; just not me

I open every door, and I never bought keys

I can promote work better than any literary agent

The cake gets eaten, before the page is sent

The fast life is controlled by the remote I hold

Politicians are about appearances, their characters aren’t bold

I will admit, there are some politicians who try their best

But the system isn’t designed to pass God’s test

A federal election, doesn’t mean the country is changing direction

It only reinstates new bills to be passed for protection

Sealing copious capital that’s seized by fake philanthropy

The anonymity means: donating to a financial fee

The banks hold money, increase wealth and rip pockets

Grocery stores are full of shit, so a lot of people talk it

Business can be the most beautiful unification on earth

But the undercover colonizers like people fighting over turf

I’m at the top of the world, when it comes to this writing vocation

Mainstream success flows, effortlessly from my innovation

Remaining underground is my natural disposition

The impression bridges an indelible, eternal intuition

Commercial and controversial, the truth creates a smaller circle

I’m not leaving the clouds, like haze that’s purple

Nobody on this planet can knock my plane out the sky

Everyone wants a piece of my queen, she’s sweeter than cherry pie

The wind grazed my skin; tore up the clothes on my back

But I went straight to one-hundred racks–excelling at what others lack

The road to riches and success nearly killed my essence

Misunderstood wordsmith, genuinely embodying a massive presence


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