Sitting Pretty

Looking down, building from the ground, you hear the sound

Music to the ears, you smoke a pound

Sitting in the basement, speaking with criminals at the round table

The only shots you give is a body, inside the girls navel

Diamonds just got added to my crown

I’m not from the city, but I run the town

The stability produces fertility, the beast of virility

The love is shown, but lacks the trait of humility

Not all love is true, the imposters will make you blue

They say their your friends, but won’t stick around like glue

I hit rock bottom once in my life, the deepest ditch

After that; I went from being flat ass broke to being dead rich

The lifestyle I wrote about came into fruition

The tuition was paid, the sedition ignited the ignition

I cherish, honor and respect the art form of writing

The world knows my name from a digital buzz–how exciting

The nights turn into days, ink bleeds onto the page

My eloquence persuades; leads you out of rage

I write a mass amount of ubiquitous verses

I obtain more money than what’s placed in purses

The drought may come, but I maintain a boss status

Gaining respectable revenue, because I’m the baddest

The trials I faced, had me feeling out of place

But you are always where you need to be–no matter the pace

Plans are set out, before they happen

I was counted out, way before the stacking

Day jobs or night jobs were never my scene

But you have to start somewhere to accomplish a dream

Living pay-check, to pay-check, barely affording the bills

Present day: I’m earning so much cash, it gives you the chills

Entrepreneurial mind; ascertained what should be invested

Solidified outside the writing world, righteousness is resurrected


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