Locked Down

I’ve been grinding out these words for two years

I see the pain in others eyes, but don’t see the tears

I put a lock on the writing world, truthfully

Publication is just around the corner–Satan ain’t uprooting me

The energy and passion presented a divine fashion

Each word I write speaks one thousand words, like a picture with no caption

In order for my novels to maintain and sustain

I need to end writing careers that possess disdain

The verses pay the bills, they are a superb investment

The only G mail I know about is when your death is sent

Bullets were delivered to circumvent the industry, the broader picture

Baking up a recipe that has a secret mixture

A person who is afraid to fail won’t be successful

They won’t help themselves, their predicaments are stressful

Exerting energy that’s negative; digging a trap

When adversity strikes their running like a tap

I’m far from a troublemaker, but don’t break my balls

I can guarantee you’ll go missing on one call


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