Fortune Or Fame

I didn’t start writing for fortune or fame

But I realized there was a lot of shame to the game

I get paid, regardless of the scrutiny

I remember back when my old friends plotted on shooting me

Fame is grotesque, the attention is horrendous

I beat the system because I’m supremely, tremendous

I make sure the work will be appreciated; celestial posterity

When you are lost, my words provide clarity

Taking writing seriously, is a truthful oath–I took mysteriously

Dreaming, scheming and contemplating notoriously

Ready for war–yet the world wasn’t ready for me

I came out of nowhere, like devouring countless forties

Implementing a better vision onto numerous pages

Freeing young brothers, who were locked up in cages

The main objective: enhance the world, create tighter unity

The written word is my drug, I sell with impunity

You only see what you choose to believe

I agree, the world is full of greed

But I don’t associate with lustful people

The stories I’m writing, are only the prequel

Contemporary ideas that adapt with the times

I swing through the concrete jungle on a vine

I’m on the streets getting accosted by crackheads

They want stones like a necklace; they won’t stack bread

Shooting for the top; believe me I’m not missing

I catch you on my lure like I’m fishing

Working hard is the only way to get somewhere

My goals were set, the path was done clear

The cold nights, the stress was building up, the advantageous quest

The grittiest tests, the actions manifest, showing the universe I’m the best

I wouldn’t change the life I live for anything I could touch

Let money rule you, and you won’t die with much


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