Out Here

Demand respect through righteous actions; the fruitful embrace

Keep the feet planted and grounded; apart from the lace

There is no shame in crying, but there is in lying

I’ve fell for some old tricks in the past, but didn’t stop trying

Giving up is for the weak, and I’m far from that definition

I will come after you, and before like a preposition

Hustling for attention is like imprisoning yourself in detention

Reach for the stars–expand your extension

The roughest times are only temporary moments

The soul has redemption, the purest atonement

I see through the devious plots; they’ve already been fought

I’m listening keenly, so I can practice what I was taught

Talk is cheap, the price behind a reckless mouth is useless

It takes years for individuals to realize what the truth is

When the darkness implodes what is old

I ignite fire, so I can burn out what is cold

Spiritual wealth is the key to living properly

Real money lies within acres of land and property

Nobody should be afraid of going dead broke

Without having nothing, you will take everything as a joke

I don’t get played anymore, cause I see the future clearly

The ghost within me, has supernatural facts that are dead scary

Messages are sent to my heart from the heaven skies

Most of these writers in the public-eye are living lies

It never hurts to have someone to speak to

But make sure it isn’t someone you have to preach to

Hold on to those who are more precious than silver and gold

Without the people who matter your heart will turn cold

Waiting for what’s promised is the toughest adversity

The haters become more envious, cause their actions aren’t hurting me

I wish the best for every human on this planet

Yet, there are children who are starving; they can barely manage


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