Electric Drive

Ducking law enforcement like it’s a lucrative endorsement

Check the platter on my table; it’s a colorful assortment

Riding high, staying fly and I’m not flipping pies

Smiling with meaning, you won’t hear the cries

Driving force that’s natural like wood

I do what’s necessary–not what I could

Painting art like the famous painting starry night

I recognize what’s wrong, so I try to do what’s right

The sins I’ve committed made my edges rigid

The litigation I acquired made sure they were acquitted

Earth bearing principles that instate militant strategies

The animosity I laugh at proves your mad at me

My words have scheduled congregation like a bus terminal

I love exposing these writers; they are stuck on writing journals, though

The personality I have is debonair and charming

I speak the truth with no filter–the speech is alarming

Eloquence that’s magnificent, the style is elegant

The literature has a prose so conscious; it’s always relevant

Homeless people aren’t filthy slobs

It’s the people wearing flashy suits, who love to rob

Agriculture gets wasted, food doesn’t get delivered

A supermarket or grocery store sends the populace shivers

The hardest looking people are sheep’s wool

Eating food off other’s tables saying: their full

I’m a bull ready to charge–about to be living large

I can make the hairs on your head blue-mad like Marge

The underground market is the appeal I can feel

I see most people getting played in repeat, like movie reels

Income blogging was offered to me a year ago, but I denied the offer

The next proposition I receive, will be attuned and proper

Pushing forward and riding on those who don’t support me

Your tax bracket is a joke–there isn’t a human who can extort me


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