Taking Over The Planet

These writers better drop their pencils

Writing filth and trash claiming its essential

Build on treasures that keep you at peace

Only sit at the table with others who help you feast

Lying to yourself is idiotic; it becomes robotic

I remember trafficking a little narcotics

The darkness is behind me, the journey was blinding

My third eye opened up, I’m always grinding

The earthquake in Pakistan and northern Afghanistan was planned

HAARP is testing out the attenas to destroy the land

Blogging for two years with an international name

I write for the people, not comments, likes or fame

Reaching people in tragedy, showing them justice

The words I move are like drugs, the cops want me busted

Ladies Prism is going to change the world one word at a time

A romance novel surpassing boundaries that are sublime

I have horror novels and mystery coming after

I’m residing in heaven when I write each chapter

Courageous, contagious, cultivating a new passion for writing

The scripts are written flawlessly, you only have better lighting

The illuminati brings darkness into the light that holds no purpose

The goal is to make you evil from what you purchase

The world we live in, can be a form of hell on earth

Feeling the love isn’t measured by girth; it’s everlasting birth

Road to the riches, but I’m not sleeping with the fishes

I wash my money clean like immaculate dishes

Tearing up the major organs with the pen

The addiction is real, so I’m requested again

Torching Satan to nothing, I’m not bluffing

I smoke the evil out with weed, so I continue puffing

Ready for anything to happen, prepared for war

I see your missing the goals, as I always score


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